How to Build a Homemade Hydroponic System?

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Homemade hydroponic systems are easy and not so expensive to make. One must consider the unique thing that every hydroponic system has. Before starting with a particular hydroponic system, one should know about the common problems of these systems. The different types of easy hydroponic systems that give great results are: Hand Watering Method, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Flood and Drain (aka ebb and flow), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Wick System, Aeroponics System 1, Aeroponics System 2, Aeroponics Cloner, Homemade NFT/DWC System.

Explaining the Homemade Hydroponics Reservoir and Wick System

Two storage totes and numerous feet of ½ nylon rope are needed for this hydroponic wick system. Also an air pump is needed for keeping the nutrient solution oxygenated.

One tote will be made the nutrient reservoir at the bottom and the nutrient reservoir will be getting the airstones always from the air pump. The tote at the top will hold plant containers. Beneath each of the plant container, ½ inch holes are pierced so that the nylon rope is allowed to fall down in the solution of nutrients. The ropes should be long enough to be buried under a plant and still be hung down into the solution of nutrient. Finally, the plant containers are filled up with something, which will wick water into the plant container from the nylon wick. It is observed that a 50/50 mix of vermiculite/perlite will work well. Coconut coir and perlite will also work well.

The wick part is a bit complicated than the reservoir part, as the wick will need one to cut and place them within each pot. That means one needs to cut holes in each pot, which will hold the marijuana plant. One needs to search for a way so that the bottom of the marijuana plant is kept above the liquid, which will come to the base of the pot. Bricks or nested buckets can be put at the bottom of the pool for the marijuana pots to be put on.

Reservoir System

It is more recommended over the wicking system. Rockwool slabs are recommended to be used because they leave substantial room for the growth of the root. This growing method will give robust marijuana plants because the plants can receive ample amount of oxygen. With reservoir method, work will be less but rate of growth will be same. Watering and feeding marijuana plants requires adding some nutrient solution few times per week to the reservoir. Hydroponic pots for marijuana are full of a vermiculite and lava mix in 4:1 ratio. Then, one needs to add Dolite Lime (at least one tablespoon for each 3.5 L of the growing medium that is being used). These mixtures will retain a lot of water for the plant and offer drainage and oxygenation for the roots. This mixture however can’t be reused. Also, you would need to moisten parts of the vermiculite because of its dangerous nature when dry.

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