Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan: Lose 5kg in 5 Days

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Weight loss can mean improved health for some and for some others it could mean improved physical appearance. Whichever outcome it results in, if it’s done in the correct manner, weight loss can also significantly improve your energy and confidence levels. It is always advisable to plan a weight loss under the guidance of a trained person.

Here’s a fast weight loss diet plan: lose 5kg in 5 days.

Lean Protein, Good Fat, and Vegetables

The topmost secret foods that can help you immediately lose weight are lean protein foods, foods that contain good fat, and vegetables. Some of the protein sources include fish, meat, and eggs. Dieticians across the globe keep reiterating the importance of protein in daily diet. This is in order to ensure that your body loses fat sooner and starts gaining lean muscle. It significantly helps in boosting your metabolism levels, which in turn allow for faster weight reduction.

Some of the low-carb vegetables that you can start intaking are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage etc. If you can chalk out a diet that mostly consists of protein and vegetables, you are sure to lose weight within no time.

High-Intensity Cardio and Weights

If you are not used to doing much of exercises and want to lose weight quickly, it is suggested to start indulging in heavy cardio exercises. This could include a half hour run or an hour’s jog. If you are comfortable with exercising indoors, you can try doing a half hour of cross trainer for a start. The timing can gradually be increased as you get comfortable. Also, lifting of heavy weights at least thrice a week can significantly help in weight loss. Weights are generally ignored by many, but this could very well be the secret of losing weight within 5 days.

Meal Proportions and Plan

A fast weight loss diet plan lose 5 kgs in 5 days depends heavily on meal proportions and also a meal plan. If you reduce your meal proportions to the size of your fist, you will notice weight loss within a couple of days. If you are used to larger meal proportions and end up feeling hungry more frequently, it is ideal to break your meals into smaller portions throughout the day. In order to lose 5 kgs in 5 days, the ideal way is to restrict yourself to a maximum of three meals per day.

Stay Away from Junk

Weight loss is a lot about lifestyle changes and thereby behaviour changes. Losing weight in 5 days can be achieved if you completely do away with junk food. It is harmful to your long-term health and the sugar content in junk food generally tends to affect your behaviour patterns as well. You will start noticing a lot of changes in your body shape and size as soon as you give up junk food. This includes packaged food and even fast food items that you generally tend to buy outside.

Losing weight quickly might not be considered sustainable, but if you stick to your objective for a longer period, it can very much become a form of lifestyle. Eat healthy and home cooked food, which is fresh and straight from your kitchen. You will see drastic changes in how you feel about yourself.

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