4 Fun Facts about Boiled Eggs

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Eggs are a great source of nutrition for the human body. More people are recognizing the benefits of including eggs in their diets. In fact, a whole new term- ‘Egg-etarian’, used to describe people that follow a vegetarian diet with the exception of eggs has also come into existence. In countries like India, it is curious to know how many calories in a boiled egg? The government has also acknowledged how much eggs can help growing children and has come with schemes and slogans to promote egg consumption. A great basic ingredient, eggs are used in various baked goods either as a binding agent or as a way to bring dough together. Here are a few facts about eggs that are sure to surprise you!

Brown does not mean healthy

Unlike bread, brown eggs are not better for your health. Contrary to popular belief, brown eggs are not more expensive due to their nutritional content. This is merely a common misconception made due to the fact that most ‘brown’ goods are advertised as a healthier alternative to their ‘white’ alternatives. Brown eggs are more costly for a completely different reason! The chickens that produce these eggs are larger in size and require more food for their growth. This is why farmer price the eggs at a higher rate than conventional white eggs!


Thickness speaks

Yes, the thickness of an egg shell speaks volumes about the egg. The thickness is not just random. While many egg eaters may have not paid attention to the thickness of the shell, it can indicate how old the chicken that produced it was. Younger chicken tend to produce eggs with thicker shells, while older chicken produce thinner shells. This is a natural phenomenon that is independent of the breed or type of chicken.

Sink or Float

The freshness of an egg can be hard to examine. All eggs look the same from the outside and apart from the peculiar smell that rotten eggs produce, checking for their freshness may seem impossible. However, the fact that eggs are porous in nature and develop air pockets inside them as they age can help you check if the eggs that you bought are fresh and ready to eat! All you need to do is put the egg in a cup of water. If it sinks, the air pocket is small or absent and the egg is ready for consumption. You should choose to pass on an egg that floats on to the surface of the water as it is most likely to be old.


Eggs have come to be known as super foods. If you have ever wondered about how many calories in a boiled egg, the answer is about 80. Even though eggs have a high fat content and cholesterol level, they are believed to be great for weight loss. Athletes looking to build their body and muscles also incorporate often large doses of egg into their diet. The protein in eggs gives them god muscle development and growth.

Eggs are the best way to stay healthy and ensure that your body is receiving its daily dose of essential macronutrients. So make sure you start your morning with a nice boiled egg and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!

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